What to bring to your visit

1) The most important thing to bring to your visit is yourself. Who you really are and how you are really feeling is important for the treatment process. You do not need to act or pretend to be better than you are. For returning patients: If you are unable to do the prescribed treatments for any reason, be sure to let us know. Together we will find a strategy that actually works for you because it's what you want.

2) MEDICAL RECORDS: Bring any and all medical records to your visit. If you do not have copies we will make you some as we highly recommend you have copies of all your medical records, including lab results and imaging reports. Have your healthcare provider fax your records to 520-546-3833 or email DrErikVose@gmail.com.

3) Bring or email a list (or take a picture) of all your medications and supplements and how much you are taking of each.

4) Take a few minutes and list your priorities/goals for your visit so that you don’t forget anything. 

5) Bring comfortable clothing for medical treatments. Wearing clothes that have some room to move in will allow the easiest physical medicine treatments. This may include bone adjustments, abdominal therapy (visceral manipulation), IV therapy, and prolotherapy.

6) Write down and email or bring in any questions about your condition, your treatment, other treatment options, and just about anything else health related!

7) If possible before your visit, fill out the new patient questionnaire that will be emailed to you when you schedule your appointment. Otherwise, we ask that you arrive 10-20 mins early to fill it out at your visit so that we have your general health history prior to the interview.