What to bring to your visit

1) YOUR PRIORITIES AND GOALS: for both the first visit and our work together overall


  • available on acuity at: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=16472038 select, “log in” in the upper right corner, or:

    • schedule a new appointment for another open time, and email me immediately so I can review it and erase the appointment.

  • emailed to you on scheduling at your request

3) MEDICAL RECORDS: Bring any and all medical records to your visit. If you do not have copies we will make you some as we highly recommend you have copies of all your medical records, including lab results and imaging reports. Have your healthcare provider fax your records to 520-253-8689 or email DrErikVose@gmail.com.

4) LIST OF MEDICATIONS AND SUPPLEMENTS Bring or email me a list, or take a picture, of all your and how much you are taking of each.

5) Bring comfortable clothing with access to specific treatment areas, as needed for prolotherapy or other medical treatments.

6) Write down or email any questions you have.