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Dr. Erik Vose, NMD is a naturopathic physician in practice in Tucson, Arizona. He offers a variety of services at multiple locations. While continuing to see a high volume of patients at the San Rafael Medical Center, Dr. Vose is also seeing patients at Colibrí Wellness Center. This center was created to provide a space to focus on education and advanced therapy options such as ketamine assisted therapy and intensive dietary counseling. At Colibrí Wellness Center we can spend ample time to focus on the psychological and emotional aspects of disease. Services provided by associate staff include therapeutic massage by Lourie Grijalva, RN, LMT and Somatic Experiencing by Dan Vose, MA, SEP.

Dr. Vose is now also seeing patients at Colibrí Wellness Center.

3816 E 5th St, Tucson AZ 85710

Hours by appointment only

See online scheduling options at: ColibriWellnessCenter.com


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