What is Ozone Autohemotherapy?

Ozone major autohemotherapy (multiple pass method), also known as hyperbaric ozone major autohemotherapy, is the safest and gentlest method of administering ozone for the treatment of many different types of diseases, including infections, cardiovascular, mitochondrial and inflammatory diseases. When properly administered, ozone can be radically transformative to regulate inflammation and stimulate tissue regeneration in autoimmune diseases, cancer, and a wide range of other diseases.

The goal of ozone therapy is to trigger your body to improve mitochondrial energy production, regenerate connective tissue, modify inflammation epigenetically, and improve autonomic nervous system balance. 

  • Activates mitochondria energy production
  • Triggers tissue growth
  • Modifies inflammation epigenetically
  • Enhances autonomic nervous system balance

Ozone major autohemotherapy is a globally recognized method for stimulating tissue repair and increasing cellular energy production. Most importantly, our success is based on both clinical experience worldwide and a robust scientific understanding with a rapidly growing body of scientific literature. Read more below to learn how ozone works and how our therapy works.

How do WE PERFORM the therapy?

Our office is equipped with the Herrman Apparatebau Medozone and we perform a multiple pass method. Each session ranges from 20-120 mins depending on the extent of treatment. During this time, a small portion of the body's blood supply is removed from a vein in the patient's arm and briefly stored in an airtight oxygen/ozone environment. As soon as enough blood has been removed, the blood is then re-infused through the same vein while being mixed with oxygen/ozone, all the while kept in motion in an oxygen rich environment. Each time this is performed is referred to as a "pass." Our therapy performs multiple passes depending on the strength of the patient and the goal of ozone treatments.

Depending on the disease being treated and the general state of the patient, the procedure may be performed from 1 to 10 times, aka "passes." With each "pass," 200-250mL of the patient's blood is ozonated at a specific concentration triggering a cascade effect that can produce a sense of relaxation and wellbeing even during the therapy. Afterwards, the patient is instructed to keep the area bandaged for up to 6 hours because of the required administration of a blood thinner (heparin) to prevent coagulation during the therapy. 

Afterwards, patients may feel immediately energized or may become very sleepy. It is important to let the body rest if tired, as ozone therapy is triggering the body to heal itself - and the repairs generally happen while asleep. The therapy may be repeated up to 3 times per week in some severe cases of cancer and cardiovascular disease, but is generally recommended 1-2 times per week, for a predetermined interval of time based on your response after the first "trial" session. Eventually the goal of therapy includes extending the amount of time in between sessions to maintain the benefit. Since ozone major autohemotherapy mimics many of the benefits of exercise, a regular vigorous exercise program may be all that is needed to maintain the benefits of treatment.

Preparing for each treatment

Prior to each treatment, it is important to be well hydrated and to have preferably eaten a moderately sized meal 1-2 hours before. If you can do some sort of cardiovascular exercise the day of or the day prior to this therapy it will generally speed up the time it takes. For hydration, please drink 1/4 tsp sea salt or himalayan salt in 2 cups of water the day before and the day of the ozone therapy. I regularly see improvements after patients follow this protocol.

The first session

For the first session, the patient is booked for a 30 minute appointment. During this time 1-2 passes may be performed, depending on the state of the patient and the goals of therapy. Any questions can be addressed at length prior to the treatment. The therapy starts with the patient lying on their back with intravenous access in the elbow and the gentle extraction of 250mL of blood. A small amount of blood thinner (heparin) may be added to prevent coagulation. The extraction phase typically takes about 5-10 minutes, and the re-infusion phase another 5 minutes.


After the first session a follow up treatment is typically recommended. It may be either a  30 minute or 1 hour session. The amount of passes that can be performed depends on the speed and efficiency of treatment as well as treatment goals. 

  • Sessions are $200 for 30 minutes and $300 for 60 minutes, the whole time the patient is lying on their back  comfortably, and sometimes patients get so relaxed with the therapy they can fall asleep. 
  • Each pass typically has a greater effect on the body's autonomic nervous system. As ozone is re-infused it triggers opening of blood vessels that activates the rest/digest part (parasympathetic) of the nervous system.

Continue reading below for more specifics on what diseases can be treated and how ozone works.

Our device: The Herrman Apparatebau Medozone

Our device: The Herrman Apparatebau Medozone

What diseases can be treated?

Ozone major autohemotherapy is a treatment for fatigue, cardiovascular diseases, chronic infections, certain types of cancer, autoimmune diseases, geriatric and many other illnesses. Ozone triggers the blood to release certain chemical messengers that communicate with the rest of the body to produce a series of effects including regeneration of tissues and increased oxygen metabolism throughout the body. Please see this 2011 scientific article briefly discussing the clinical uses of ozone worldwide. (Download article here


How does ozone work to treat disease?

  • upregulates the body’s detoxification systems (phase I and II)
  • causes a rapid reduction in inflammation
  • increases efficiency of oxygen metabolism
  • produces new blood vessels
  • initiates tissue regeneration
  • increases antioxidant capacity

Ozone major autohemotherapy triggers many changes in the body. These include: decrease in inflammation, increase in mitochondrial function, increase in detoxification pathways, increase in antioxidant production, stimulation of repair of damaged proteins and DNA, release of growth factors, opening of blood vessels improving oxygenation of tissues, increase in neurotransmitter production, stimulation of neuroprotective mechanisms and many more... Read below to learn more specifics.

Through a mild oxidative stress, ozone stimulates the body to release an anti-inflammatory molecule called NRF2. Once released, NRF2 binds to the DNA causing the production of antioxidant response elements, thereby upregulating the body’s natural antioxidant and detoxification system. At the same time, ozone is inhibiting NFkB causing a rapid reduction in inflammation in the body. An extensive scientific review of how ozone works can be found at the following link: (Download this article here): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3298518/

Ozone is also responsible for activating hypoxia inducible factor-1alpha, which causes another cascade of effects resulting in increased efficiency of oxygen metabolism and production of new blood vessel formation. The net result is an increase in TGFB-1 and 4-HNE, producing tissue regeneration, a further increase in antioxidant capacity, and stimulation of detoxification pathways. Read more from another article here: (Download the article here). https://medicalgasresearch.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/2045-9912-1-6

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